Vision Booster and APSR Technology on Galaxy S22 Series Screen

Vision Booster and APSR

Vision Booster and APSR : When it comes to smartphone displays, Samsung is the company that is claimed to be the most advanced in this regard at this time, starting from Infinity Display technology, Foldable Display and others, not to mention innovation in its features.

Talking about innovation, Samsung has presented some of the latest technologies in S series smartphones, namely the AI ​​Intelligent Display which has been around since the S21 launched.

This time, the Galaxy S22 series, which just launched some time ago, comes with 2 of Samsung’s latest innovations, namely Vision Booster and APSR (Advanced Panel Self Refresh).

Vision Booster Technology

Have you ever had trouble looking at your smartphone screen outdoors? We may have to set it to the highest brightness first, then we can see the screen clearly under the light of the heart. But, the risk is that the battery runs out easily.

Of course, we want a screen that is clear, bright and bright outdoors without having to drain our smartphone battery life.

Well, Samsung comes with their latest innovation called Vision Booster as a solution to this problem. Samsung’s Vision Booster technology is embedded in all variants of the recently released Galaxy S22 Series.

To, Dr. Byung Duk Yang, Vice President and Head of Display R&D Group MX Business at Samsung Electronics, said that the Vision Booster technology uses a new algorithm that improves screen vision in outdoor areas.

“The latest algorithm from Vision Booster adjusts the brightness level and remapps the tone of the image and maximizes color contrast on the screen,” he said.

This Vision Booster will work automatically when users use the Galaxy S22 series in bright conditions in the sun.

Vision Booster technology will only work in images or videos that have dark colors and brightness. Therefore, this technology may not work in images and videos that have bright colors and light because they already have sufficient brightness.

APSR (Advanced Panel Self Refresh) Technology

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series is also equipped with a screen that has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Well, for the screen rate speed of the Galaxy S22 Ultra variant, it can adjust from 1Hz to 120Hz according to user activity.

The refresh rate adjustment from 1Hz to 120Hz comes thanks to APSR technology or Advanced Panel Self Refresh. With this technology, users can get a smooth and seamless screen scrolling experience without flickering but with more efficient battery power.

Byung Duk revealed, in order to reduce the refresh rate and save power, we reduced the frequency of the signal transmitted between the display panel and the display IC in the Galaxy S22,

“In the Galaxy S22 series, we can reduce the signal frequency between the AP Chip and Display IC using the APSR so that it can increase power saving while improving overall smartphone performance,” added Byung Duk.

APSR technology works dynamically and adapts to user activities when playing a smartphone, including when playing games that require a high refresh rate.

Regarding APSR’s performance when playing games and other activities, Byung Duk said this depends on the user’s gaming activities, where technology is dynamically present.

For example, when playing a game, if there is a short burst of static moment, the APSR will decrease the frame rate and the refresh rate will increase again when the game activity involves heavy motion and quite a lot of animation.

Another example of activity is when browsing and scrolling on the internet, APSR technology will lower the frame rate to adjust the screen activity while saving battery power.

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