Western Digital Presents 22 TB HDD for Data Center to NAS

Western Digital

Western Digital : Meeting the ever-increasing need for data storage, Western Digital delivers large capacity HDDs. Namely, the latest 22 TB HDD storage solution that targets certain segments is presented.

Data continues to grow in today’s era
– whether it’s quantity, size, format, resolution, use case, application, value
– everything got much bigger.

As users and enterprises seek effective and efficient solutions to secure data in this zettabyte era, Western Digital HDDs continue to play an important role in delivering high-capacity, high-performance, high-performance and reliable storage for use.

Expanding on its innovation and technology leadership, Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) today announced the launch of a new 22 TB HDD targeting three key segments:

-WD Gold HDD for IT customers/data center channels;
-WD Red Pro to support Network Attached Storage (NAS);
-WD Purple Pro for smart video or CCTV.

As presented at Western Digital’s What’s Next Event, this series of hard drives is equipped with various innovations that are the first to appear in the data storage industry.

For example, the use of OptiNAND technology, energy-assisted PMR (ePMR), triple-stage actuator (TSA) and HelioSeal to provide the highest area density in the industry with 2.2 TB per platter, so as to be able to offer CMR HDDs with a capacity of 22 TB for users.

“We are thrilled to have achieved this milestone, given that HDDs are complex and sophisticated systems. From the cloud to the edge, Western Digital hard drives play a critical role in storing, protecting, creating and analyzing data that has now become an integral part of digital life. With our leadership in technology, supported by the expansion of the HDD portfolio, this is a good opportunity for Western Digital to be able to provide more value to customers, both now and in the future,”

said Ravi Pandekanti, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, HDD Business Unit at Western Digital.

WD Gold Enterprise-Class HDD for Data Center Storage Systems

Cloud designers and data center architects continue to invest in improving their IT infrastructure. They need to take into account the costs for data storage, where factors such as capacity, data density, energy use, and sustainability play an important role in reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

One of the things that can help with cost efficiency is to take advantage of the industry’s highest capacity CMR HDD. Western Digital’s new storage solution, the 22 TB WD Gold CMR HDD with OptiNAND technology helps save TCO by increasing capacity without cutting racks, helping to reduce costs such as racks procurement, network, power, cooling, cabling, etc.

One of the advantages of Western Digital’s products is the ArmorCache technology supported by OptiNAND which combines the performance of an enabled cache feature mode with data protection of a disabled cache feature mode without having to compromise by choosing between the two.

With a complete solution portfolio ranging from 1TB-22TB, these highly reliable WD Gold HDDs are ideal for supporting heavy storage enclosures, providing up to 2.5 million hours of MTBF2, vibration protection technology and low power consumption thanks to HelioSeal technology (for 12TB to on).

WD Red Pro HDD Supports All Major NAS Systems Up To 24 Bay

Remote work (work from home) has accelerated the development of data and many office workers or startups are having a hard time organizing the ever-increasing amount of data.

The new WD Red Pro CMR 22TB HDD with OptiNAND technology is ideal for high-capacity storage needs, or for those who have reached maximum capacity on their Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Specifically designed for NAS systems up to 24 bays, the WD Red Pro HDD is optimized for multi-user collaboration and designed to handle high-intensity workloads nonstop.

The WD Red Pro HDD is ideal for storing, protecting, archiving, and sharing large amounts of data with multiple users, as well as being able to manage multiple data-intensive applications, such as file sync and sharing, backup/archiving, multimedia repositories, and private cloud storage. . The WD Red Pro range of products comes in capacities from 2TB to 22TB.

WD Purple Pro HDD Perfect for Nonstop Smart Video Recording, Powered by AI

Smart video recording for surveillance is in high demand, but at the same time requires a lot of storage. For example, high-resolution cameras capture multiple streams of video, images, and metadata per camera; AI and video analytics create new demands on the quantity, quality and retention of video data; and deep learning solutions require more video to train AI algorithms, while video-surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) customers need custom-built storage to efficiently manage this data at scale.

The WD Purple Pro CMR 22 TB HDD with OptiNAND technology delivers massive capacity to address this trend with hard drives built specifically to support video analytics and AI servers, as well as deep-learning solutions.

The drive features Western Digital’s exclusive AllFrame AI technology which supports 32 AI streams for deep-learning analysis in the system while helping to reduce frame loss. The WD Purple Pro drive is optimized to handle up to 64 single stream HD3 cameras as well as many of the newest smart cameras that transmit multiple streams.

It offers high reliability with an MTBF of up to 2.5 million hours2 for a sophisticated, intelligent video solution that operates 24/7. The WD Purple Pro HDD product range now comes in capacities of 8TB-22TB.

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