Where to Search For New York Camera Stores

Where to Search For

Where to Search For : New York is not only the financial capital of the U.S. but the shopping center of America as well. In this huge city, numerous shops abound from the high end chain shops to the discount stores spread in the different neighborhoods of the Big Apple. It is here where shoppers can buy the latest trends in clothes, shoes, books, jewelry and even electronic gadgets.

If digital cameras are what you’re after, you can definitely find the most advanced and trendiest from New York camera stores. As America’s financial center, it is in this city that never sleeps where majority of the trading takes place and so there’s every chance to get the latest product you’re looking for at great prices.

For a worthwhile shopping spree in New York, you need to know the specific areas to go to according to the products you are searching for. But as our focus is on digital cameras and other photographic equipment,

let’s find out some of the New York camera stores which could provide you with quality products and services.

Lower Manhattan & The Financial District

Downtown New York has long stretches of shops catering to different kinds of products. In Lower Manhattan and the Financial District, you can check out the J&R electronics megamart. This shop which occupies a full city block offers cameras, computers, CDs and software at reasonable prices. Experienced shoppers recommend buying your electronic devices here than from other areas in Midtown Manhattan.

People looking for quality digital cameras and accessories should avoid Chinatown as much as possible. The products may be cheap in this area but don’t expect great quality. Bargains are great but never compromise quality. If, however, it’s inevitable to buy here experts highly recommend you open the box first and check the product itself to make sure that it’s what you want.

Times Square & The Theater District

There are numerous electronics shops in this neighborhood but be careful when shopping. Most stores here promote their “going out of business” sales to entice customers but don’t be tempted right away. If you really want to buy a gadget from one of the New York camera stores here, you should go inside and check for yourself the prices they’re offering for your dream digital camera. You can be lucky to get a good deal as long as you know the market very well.


Some of the best electronic stores can be found in the Pittsford area. There are New York camera stores here as well as shops catering to music and audio-video products.

Ninth Avenue

One of the most popular streets in New York City is the Ninth Avenue. This lively street hosts some of the most beloved shops preferred by photographers, videographers, electronics buffs and tourists. The popular B&H photo video superstore is just one of them. Since moving to 9th Avenue from the West 17th Street, B&H offers a wide selection of camera equipment, rare films and services at exciting prices.

So when in New York, be sure to learn about the right areas where to do your shopping for your most desired digital camera.

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