WiFi.ID: Complete Discussion, Tips & Tricks


The cost of the internet is getting affordable day by day. But if you need a fast internet connection and also a large quota, of course it costs a lot. That’s why a program called WiFi.id (@wifi.id) appeared, which was provided by Telkom Indonesia. Wifi.ID is a place with cheap wifi with speeds up to 100Mbps without any FUP / Quota limits (Unlimited).

Official Website

You can access the official wifi.id website with the address https://wifi.id/.

Voucher Price

The requirement to be able to use wifi.id is that you must be at the Wifi.ID Corner which is usually located at Plasa Telkom in your city but can also be in other public places. In addition, you also have to buy a voucher containing a username and password for a minimum of 5 thousand rupiah for 12 hours of use.

How to Buy Vouchers

You can buy a wifi.id voucher containing a username and password at the wifi.id corner in your city.

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