Xiaomi Releases Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet, Very Cheap Price

Xiaomi Releases Mi

Xiaomi Releases Mi : Xiaomi’s new devices are constantly flooding the tech market. Not only releasing smartphone devices recently, Xiaomi has also added to its ‘Mi Ecosystem’ line with smart bracelets. Yes, the familiar Xiaomi smartwatch is called Mi Band.

The smart bracelet that Xiaomi officially announced is the successor to the Mi Band 2, the Mi Band 3. Despite coming with a number of updates, the Mi Band 3 remains an economical gadget.

Like its predecessor, the Mi Band 3 device comes with a number of key features found in the first and second generations, namely the ability to measure heart rate and count steps. This latest version of the smartband device also comes with near field communication technology aka NFC.

For smartphone devices, NFC is now known to be one of the mandatory features. Its wireless function allows users to do several things, such as the mobile payment function which is a trend these days. Another important feature that is present on the Mi Band 3 is the ability to answer phone calls directly through a touch on the screen.

This feature is claimed by Xiaomi to be the most requested feature by consumers. Because on previous devices, users still had to take out their smartphones and interact to answer phone calls.

Xiaomi Releases Mi This latest Mi Band 3 device comes with a 0.78-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 128 × 80 pixels. Thanks to him, the smart bracelet made by the Chinese vendor is also able to read messages that enter the user’s smartphone device when connected to the Mi Band 3.

Others, Xiaomi claims this device will be able to last up to 20 days on a single charge. The power business is supported by a 110 mAh battery. This capacity, called Xiaomi, is 50 percent larger than its predecessor, Mi Band 2.

Other improvements also stop at the connectivity sector that is entrusted to Bluetooth 4.2 for connection. In addition, the Mi Band 3 device is also given an increase in performance resistance when invited to dive to a depth of 50 meters.

As mentioned above, regarding the price of this device, Xiaomi has priced this device at a price that can still be considered economical. Because to bring this device home, it is enough to provide around CNY 169 or around Rp. 360 thousand. The device is also available in a choice of interchangeable wristbands that are available in many colors.

Unfortunately, this device will only go to the market on June 5, specifically for the Chinese market only. Xiaomi has not confirmed when this device will be available outside of China in the near future. For the Indonesian market, it is possible that the Mi Band 3 and other Xiaomi devices will be present in the near future.

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