Xiaomi Showcases MiGu Smart Headband, Can Control Electronic Devices

Xiaomi Showcases MiGu

Quite a lot of innovations that have been worked on by Xiaomi. Like the latest, Xiaomi Mijia smart glasses, this time what Xiaomi is showing is the Xiaomi MiGu Smart Headband. Xiaomi Smart Headband MiGu
This is a smart headband that can be used to control multiple home electronic devices, using only the user’s mind. This innovation itself is the result of curation from the Xiaomi Hackaton event, and this smart headband innovation became the first winner in the competition.

Xiaomi Smart Headband MiGu
To use it, users just need to put it in their head, and think about the commands they want to perform on a device. This tool will detect the user’s brain waves and then translate it as a command language. Besides being used to control smart home devices, this tool is also claimed to be used to monitor the condition of the user’s brain. By using EEG (Electroencephalography), this tool can detect if the brain is tired, such as if you are driving. Thus, users can rest first, for their safety.

However, this smart headband device itself is still in prototype form. There is no information yet whether Xiaomi will produce and market this device commercially. But what is clear is that this is a really cool innovation. Similar to Professor Xavier’s Cerebro device in the X-Men movies.

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